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Today was all about proofing plates I've made over the past few weeks. This one can only be called "Blah"

It's low in contrast and there aren't any real areas of interest. I wiped it hard to try to eliminate most of the plate tone and increase the impact of the hand print, but I wasn't too successful.

The most interesting parts of the plate to me are some of the little details in the wrist area and the incidental marks and scratches.

I have a few options to work with this plate

  • stick with blah--because some days are blah and you put your hand up in the face of trauma regardless of how flat you feel.

  • As above, but try polishing the plate in the background areas, so the marks show up more

  • Add contrast to the plate by blocking out the hand image and adding aquatint to the background or vice versa. (the value of this depends on ow my other plates are looking given they have similar imagery)

  • Add a second gesture so that the grey hand interacts with another (stronger) handprint.

Given that I have several more successful plates with a similar gesture, I'm going to put this one aside for now. I can always come back to it and see about adding a contrasting gesture, whereas if I apply aquatint there will be no going back.

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