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Unlike a woman's work, which is never done, this edition of prints is done, signed and ready to be distributed.

I choose the title Women's work for its direct allusion to the undervalued labour embodied in fine textiles, but also for the wider connotations of the value placed on women's work under patriarchy.

Another layer of meaning is the assumption by some men that it is a woman's work to please them in whatever way they desire. This relates back to my earlier discussion about the veiled references to violence in this project.

The entire project is layered in both meaning and materiality. I often use the repetition inherent in printmaking multiples to imply the publication of secrets or hidden knowledge. This work also has repetition within the work with the intaglio pattern, the pseudo-embroidered fabric and the printed binder echoing one another with different voices. This echoing and repetition can be seen as repeated attempts to speak truth and/or the speaking of women across the generations.

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