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Learning more about Affect theory is a priority. I have several readings on my desk which I'm looking forward to exploring.

The impact of my white on white work with it's cracks edges and lacunae wasn't fully realised until I installed it in the white space of the gallery. Using a floating shelf as support and eliminating the additional object I had planned to display created an asymmetrical arrangement with a sense of tension across the work.



The lighting added a whole extra dimension by emphasising the shadows of the shards and cracks, but also forming new angled shadows from the corners of the shelf--the shape of these echos the tacks and edges of the shards.

Viewers commented that they were drawn to intervene, to prevent the broken bowl from falling and shattering (again...). This sort of visceral reaction forms my current understanding of Affect. I obviously have more to learn, but it's a start.

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