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Bigger and bigger

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Having decided on my font, I need to scale up the image to decide on final proportions. I seriously underestimated how big the quote could be on the banner.

  • My first enlargement was way too small compared to the size of the cloth. I doubled and doubled until I got to a scale that just fits the words within the available size.

  • Hanging the cloth on the studio wall gave me the ability to step back and assess the proportions

  • In other news, creasing is one of the material properties of linen which makes it tricky to work with. The cloth was washed, starched and carefully ironed before being packed in my bag--that's something I will need to be aware on when I prepare to install my work.

  • Here are the final proportions for my work.

  • The paper photocopies need to be taped together. They will serve as my cartoon for placement of the individual letters.

  • I still need to decide what stitches I will use.

The plan from there is

  • Trace the entire quote onto the linen

  • Trace each letter onto iron-on interfacing (vliesofix); iron on to cotton fabric (another Opp shop find) and cut out

  • Place letters in position on the back of the banner cloth and iron on to secure them

  • Stitch each letter.

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