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Blended Roll

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

To evoke a sense of place in my monoprints, I'm planning to use the simple device of orienting my page horizontally and hinting at a horizon line with my distribution of colour. The technique of using a blended roll should help. This approach to rolling out the ink uses the roller to blend colours smoothly in a subtle gradation. Here's my first attempt

I've used the largest size roller and it's going to take some practice to learn to control it well. I want to develop more of a sense of drama in my prints, so I'll have to work on colour choices which reflect that intention. I've also used cellophane in this print to produce texture. The subtle blending of colours in this result is probably too soft to be read as a horizon. And I have no idea where the pattern of blue in the lower left of the image came from ... An alternative approach would be to use two applications of ink each with a different colour blend. That would allow me to work with a smaller roller and achieve more control.

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