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Chaos and order

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Today I was rather overwhelmed and lost in the midst of the plates I have made.

Access to the process room is limited during assessment weeks and the situation has been complicated by staff absences. This means I rushed ahead to make plates when I had access to the facilities and am relatively behind in proofing them. It also made sense to make some plates in batches so as to be more efficient in using the available time. Warm up the hotplate and make several soft-ground plates, for example. Mix up the sugar lift, and since I'm making my hand sticky and dirty, try out a few different gestures. Let those dry and apply the lift ground and so on. So I have many more plates made than I have proofed and I need to take stock and order my thoughts to plan my remaining work.

My trusty notebook is a good friend. As is a quick mock up of various installation options done in photoshop.

I'm still not sure how many prints I will install and how many might be in a portfolio. I can see that I have more than enough plates in play and my priority is clearly to proof the plates I have made. As it turns out we're heading into a long weekend when the process rooms will be unavailable. So my next steps are clear. I need to proof plates and test out different papers and inks (more Goldilocks decisions). Then I will have a clearer idea of whether I want to revise any plates, make more and/or eliminate some.

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