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There's a new project to get excited about now that the holidays are over. We're doing collagraphs! This medium is quite new to me. I found this book in the university library. After the topic was introduced to us with examples of work my head was spinning. This medium is extremely versatile. The basics are simple: "colla" is glue and "graph..." is about drawing: so literally drawing with glue. But not just glue: any textured substance that can be glued to a printing plate to create a print matrix. And I love textures, so I'm looking forward to this.

In keeping with our theory and practical subjects being integrated with each other; this project lines up with the theme of Materiality--that's a logical connection.

Antoni Tàpies, The Hands (1969)

I'm studying this work by the Catalan artist Antoni Tàpies for my theory essay. The large red textured area at the top of the print was produced by glueing carborundum grit to a printing plate and inking it up. The pressure of the etching press transfers the ink and causes significant embossing of the print. The result is powerful.

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