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Community of Practice

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I sometimes like to think of my Community of Practice as a fantasy dinner party, where I can invite all the guests with whom I would like to discuss my work. To be honest, even if they didn't discuss my work, I would be enriched by the interchange of ideas and perspectives.

I can't think of a dinner party without being reminded of Judy Chicago and her iconic, though controversial work, so she can get things started.

Here's a tentative invitation list:

Artists first--in no particular order

  • Dans Bain: for the motivation and making of her Lost Petition

  • Yhonnie Scarce: for her understanding of intergenerational, intersectional trauma and embodied practice; Florey and Fanny is a standout for me

  • Glenn Martin Taylor: for his kinstugi-inspired work which he refers to as art-therapy as well as fine art. His combination of anger and solace interests me in particular and I would love to learn more of his sculptural techniques--I discovered yesterday that the sharp points on his work are upholstery tacks, just like mine.

  • Helene Guggenheim: for her performative, kintsugi-inspired work with physically scarred models

  • Doris Salcedo: for her understanding of cultural trauma and the understated poignancy of her work

  • Nan Goldin: for courage, self-portraiture and telling it like it is

  • Graham Hay: I'd like to know more of his art, but he has SO much knowledge about paper clay which opens up structural possibilities for my work

  • Guy Keulemans: for work with Transformative Repair

  • Johanna Drucker: The intimacy of a book, the private-public paradox and women who make artist's books

Writers and theorists

For trauma theory--psychiatrists and innovators:

  • Judith Hermann

  • Lenore Terr

  • Bessel van der Kolk

For my beginnings of understanding about Affect theory:

  • Giles Deleuze

  • Felix Guatari

... and in the spirit of hospitality and curiosity, I can ask each guest to bring a plus one, since my community is still in the process of formation.

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