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Creative Constraints

I'm still seeking ways to signal femininity in this body of work. And trying to bring together my ideas for prints with the idioms of whitework embroidery.

I think of the ornate picture frames used for art in museums. There are fancy white ones used for expensive home decor.

I think of the fancy silver mirrors on a woman’s dressing table. My mother had one something like this. It was old and special and we weren't allowed to play with it.

The simple ellipse softens the form and hints at femininity without distracting from the content. I'm adopting the oval frame idea. After a brief exploration of the feminine "make-up" colours I'm back to white on white as a defining feature of this project. It has significant connotations--especially purity demanded and denied. To me it also has more dignity than using pink to denote femininity. In some cultures it is the colour of mourning--but mourning is a whole other realm to explore in the context of childhood trauma where the loss is unacknowledged and there are no cultural rituals to mark the sufferring.

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