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This photographic etching was part of my 2019 project, "But I was there! Exploring the nature and impact of traumatic memory". It was made late in the project and I want to continue to explore it.

Compared to the digital photograph below, my interest in the materiality of the medium is apparent, even in a photo of the print.

This photo is from the same series. Despite the intense gaze to camera in these portraits, they were "fluke" shots. I was setting up my tripod and remote and caught myself in an unguarded moment while testing. As such they contrast with the studio shots I used alongside them in that project.

In the context of this project, the neutral background becomes more significant. The photo gives no hints about time and place. I have had close friends fail to recognise me in these images. So there is nothing to rule out using them to "explore the impact of trauma in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic". Indeed the concept that the traumatic past inhabits the difficult present is a key part of my thinking. I had intended to work with this self-portrait early in the project and later set up another photo-shoot, but the later shoot had not eventuated by the end of the semester.

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