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Difficult Disclosures

Disclosure is difficult. The decision to make and present work at a level of disclosure like the word triplets I used in my tutorial is a process. The time it takes to make the work is a period of sitting with the decision and allowing it to become a process. Then comes the reality of finding myself with the work on the wall in front of the class.

The decision to include this mock up is last-minute, and being digital work there is very little time between concept and reality, so I find myself emotionally unprepared for its impact on me. The emotions it expresses are complicated, conflicted, confusing both for me and for the viewers (my fellow-students in the tutorial setting).

Hanging the work off to one side of the frame and the muted low contrast rendering echoes my own reluctance to share this aspect of my truth. And yet, there it is!

The tutorial discussion is respectful and supportive, but the formal dynamic of the Group Critique whereby the artist is not allowed to speak, unwittingly mirrors trauma dynamics, and adds to my discomfort. I am drained, and it takes me several days to get back on an even keel emotionally.

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