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Doubts and reassurance

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Travelling in to the city on the train, this image caught my eye.

It reminded me that the handprint is commonly used in depicting both violence and resistance. It also reminded me of some of the doubts I had in choosing this motif for my work.

When I started researching this project online I came across too many images of easy crafts for children based on the handprint.

This one comes with the title: Handprint Pop Art Activity--Andy Warhol

  • This is not the aesthetic I am striving for in my work.

  • To combat this tendency I'm taking care with choosing methods that preserve detail.

  • Choosing a monochromatic colour palette is another consideration

  • I'm also not including children as participants for ethical reasons.

Here's another NO that I'm keeping in mind for similar reasons:

I want to consider making images with multiple handprints at a later stage in the project (probably not this semester), but not like that.

Something like this mock-up might be worth exploring

  • This looks quite mechanical because I have simply copied and flipped the image of one hand to start to look at the possibilities of combined images.

  • These on the other hand are Andy Warhol Handprints (1982)

  • I need to think about how they are similar and different to the kid's activity and the Bunnings wall.

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