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Embroidery pattern, take 1

My first choice of medium for my paper embroidery pattern is lithography. I want to get more experience with this infinitely fascinating medium. I have plans to use lithography in my major project because of the possibility of printing white on white, which is difficult with a copper etching plate which tends to oxidise the ink. Having a practice run, even if printing with a different colour makes sense.

There is room on my stone for two drawings. I make one in litho crayon with scratched-back lines on the edges of the petals. The second will be done in drawing ink.

By the time I have done my first and second etch I'm having second thoughts. The drawing which I thought was quite straightforward has different grades of crayon which need to be treated differently in the etching process. Worse, the scratched lines in the petals are too fine and are tending to fill in even before I start printing.

Evaluating my skill, the remaining time until the project is due and the actual hours of studio access in which I could use the electric litho presses makes me abandon this attempt.

We are booked for a three-week lithography workshop later in the semester, so I hope to upgrade my skills then.

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