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Embroidery pattern, take 2 & 3

In my hurry to recover from the delay caused by my foray into lithography I make a rookie error on my soft-ground etching plate: forgetting to reverse my writing. My excuse is that I'm focussed on this as a pattern for the screen-print, which isn't reversed, but nevertheless, this plate is no use to me right now.

Reconsidering the quality of the lines, I switch to hard-ground for my etching plate. I think the scratchy-hand-drawn lines will speak of a hand-traced pattern. I'm also more confident with avoiding foul bite with a hard ground. I initially etch my plate for 5 minutes for the lighter lines and 10 for the main flowers and ribbons. It prints too lightly. Whereas in my experience 10 minutes is a good starting place, the ferric bath is quite old at this time of the year. I re-apply the hard ground and retrace my drawing. The upside is that I learn to assess the etched line as it really is, using the point of my etching needle to test the depth of the etch.

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