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Experimenting and learning

There's nothing like actually shooting to clarify ideas and test what might work. So, I started shooting. I couldn't get the remote shooting software to work on my laptop. I had to use the remote trigger and flip the camera screen around so I could see it from in front. That means keeping the hand holding the trigger out of shot and also being physically tethered to the camera. Anyway, it got me started. I put my initial shots on a trial website page to share with my tutorial group. I also started the process of hanging them on my studio wall to see how they might sit together.

Overall issues with these tests

  • managing light--it's hard to get enough contrast--that's partly down to the available light in my front room and partly also my editing skills. Cue some tutorials on editing in black and white.

  • I need to keep the sizes/proportions of images uniform

  • Having a sequence of the same face and figure is a challenge--it quickly becomes too much. I could try to exploit the intensity of repetition or find a way to break up the sameness of the images.

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