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Exploring Place

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Our workshop and studio projects are aligned with our Art Theory subject this semester, so we're exploring the theme of Place for the Monoprint Project. Continuing some recent autobiographical work, I've decided to think about my home: specifically at the time I moved in here twenty years ago. I have a copy of the Auction poster, which I plan to use as the basis of my stencil.

The image reminds me of the classic little house drawings that children make: peaked roof, front door and square windows. I even have a rose garden out the front. It sounds perfect, but at the time I moved in, things were less than idyllic! It was the fourth place I'd lived in less than six months. I was very unsettled both practically and mentally. I want to portray the paradox of the cute little house and the difficulties I experienced.

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