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Exploring through play

"Mirror", "repeat" and "reframe" are three key verbs from my studio proposal.

Here's what happened when I applied those verbs to one of my studio portraits. I'm interested in the interaction that is set up here between "self" and "self" with the relationships of the glances. The direction of gaze is away from the centre of the page in 4 directions, so that despite their proximity there is no way the faces can catch each other's eye. The blending and intertwining of hair creates a rhythmic wave in the centre of the image, which is intimate, but disconcerting.

I've also played with tracing line/tone in one of the iterations of the image. I think the pure repetition and mirroring is closer to whatever truth I am looking at here.

I'm not sure where is leads, but it's interesting enough to document and see what happens.

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