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The message of my print means I will not be doing any stitching on this project, so I need a stand-in for the embroidery which I am referencing. I think an opaque white screenprint on a translucent substrate will do the job. The obvious options are fabric or tissue of some sort. The Fabric Store has some lovely sheer cottons and cotton blends--and it's their half-price winter sale!

The silk-cotton blend on the left is delightful, but doesn't have enough body for screenprinting.

The cotton voile below proves to be a winner. It is sheer but has a higher thread count and even though it's tricky to print on, it gives the fine textile, with an illusion of embroidery that I'm looking for. I suspect it will need to be stabilised to print effectively. My options are spray starch, liquid starch or a tear-away stabiliser. First I wash the fabric to get rid of any sizing which might interfere with the printing process. I also want to know how it will behave under pressure. I'm not expecting these prints to be washed, but sometimes washing reveals faults in the fabric and I'd rather know about those upfront.

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