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First Layer

Here’s my lino block ready to print the first layer. The steps so far:

· glued lino to a 3 mm greyboard backing to help the block to last through the many layers of work it will experience. The greyboard should have been a few centimetres larger than my block, but I cut it too small by mistake.

· carved down the registration edges

· lightly sanded the surface of the block to make sure it is clean and even

· traced the image onto the block from the working drawing using carbon paper

· traced over the carbon paper lines using permanent marker

· washed down the surface with ecowash to remove excess ink from the tracing process

· carved away the first part of the image to reveal the areas of the print which will appear as paper-white

· inked the block with a rubber roller.

To get a thin even coating of ink, I found I needed to use a roller larger than the print block and carefully roll the ink over the block one pass at a time.

A couple of issues which require some correction are evident in this picture. There is a spot in the bottom right arm of the cross shape which isn’t inking up properly. I solved this by building up the back of the print block with a couple of pieces of newsprint glued down and sanded around the edges. There are several areas around the image area which are picking up ink. This will spoil the borders of my print. After several attempts to eliminate these by carving back, I learned to use strips of paper to mask the two wider borders and to wipe off excess ink from the registration borders.

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