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Floral borders

I have two parameters to signal my handprints as feminine/ist so far: elliptical shapes and a white-on-white colour scheme. Next I turn to the whitework linen I collected last semester and take the floral motifs themselves.

Photographing, simplifying rearranging and tracing gives me this:

I can build an oval border out of this pattern, but I still have to resolve the technical issue I had earlier. White ink on copper plate oxidises and gives an ugly grey. I play with the idea of trying it out again in case I missed something the first time, but looking at the prints a fellow student is making saves me the effort. We have a lithography workshop coming up and white lithography ink works well without oxidising--I have that to look forward to, but what about a more three dimensional approach? I could use embossing or paper cutting to achieve a fancy floral border.

One thing leads to another and since I'm thinking of 3-D approaches, I would love to have a really 3-dimensional rendition of the hand...

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