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Gelli plate

One medium which I have readily available in my home studio is the gelatin plate. These can be made using a recipe like this one, but commercial ready made plates are also available and I'm lucky enough to have received one as a birthday gift.

Gelatin plates are great for picking up the texture of found objects. My collection of feathers and leaves might come in handy. Simple stencils work well. The plates are also great for working quickly and spontaneously to build up layers.

A dirty gelli plate looks like this, which certainly holds potential for my exploration of the palimplest concept!

Here I've used "flow" acrylic paint with some drying retarder. I've also experimented with spreader medium and matte gel medium to see what they would do to increase open time and pick up the last of the paint off the block.

Clean up, when I get around to it, can be done with packing tape if the paint is dry. Baby wipes are also handy for clean up. And the surface can be reconditioned with a bit of baby oil.

So this is an accessible medium in my home-studio context which satisfies some of my criteria for exploring layering and spontanaeity in my work.

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