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Goldilocks' choices

Having made the seven large plates from imprints of my allies' fists it's time to make decisions about printing them. Apart from proofing the plates, I want to decide on what paper to print on. I also need to choose an ink and a paper size. It sort of makes me feel like Goldilocks at the three bears' house...

This paper is too white (BFK Rives white)

(also I don't think I dried it properly)

I tried this paper looking for maximum contrast.

This one is too brown (BFK Rives tan)

I tried this thinking of the brown cardboard signs seen at protest rallies and the cheap cardboard used by Sarah Goffman in her work I am with you.

This one seems just right (Hahnemuhle warm white)

This is usually my favourite paper for etchings because it is beautifully soft and sensitive.

On the other hand, I'm not convinced about printing these plates as bleed prints...

These margins are too small.

These margins are too big.

And so it goes on through a whole day of testing and choosing. I ended up with a mixture of two Charbonelle black inks (9981 and 9985), not only because of their colour properties, but because the Gamblin ink which was my other option is quite stiff and difficult to wipe. I'm already going to get a workout printing these plates and I don't want too much plate tone, so being kind to myself is justified.

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