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Ink, ink, ink; paper, paper, paper

Having made a number of plates with different hand gestures and intaglio techniques, my next challenge is to print them in a variety of ways. Conceptually I'm exploring the iterative nature of political responses to violence. To do that I want to use a variety of papers and inks and play with ghost images and transparency.

First the inks

On the right is the combination of Charbonelle blacks that I've been using to proof my plates. Above it and to the left is a mixture of those same blacks with a Gamblin yellow ochre and naphthol red--the red tended to dominate more than I wanted, particularly in the plate tone, so I'll have to try again. Then there's the yellow ochre straight out of the tin and at the bottom left mixed with transparent base.

Then the papers:

  • Hahnemuhle warm white 300gsm

  • two different rice papers in the centre

  • and Kozo extra heavy (which is still quite a light paper compared to the Hahnemuhle)

Most of these are ghost prints and the transparency that's developing is what I'm aiming for.

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