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The memory rooms are installed, ready for assessment.

As I feared, the rag paper proved to be quite flexible, so that it struggled to support its own weight across the span of the walls. After a bit of improvised paper engineering, everything is stable, if not quite as sleek as I would like it to be.

One concern with this project, if I were to pursue it further, is the practicality of the 3-Dimensional structure. I came up with this solution which is much simpler than my previous concept.

I have a printed back wall and floor, but no side walls. The back wall can be pinned up and the floor sits on the plinth at right angles to it. This also allows the simplified room to be printed on a single sheet: 100 x 40cm. I could still represent smaller rooms within the structure, either as 4-sided boxes, or in the same simplified structure. You can also see the new version of my "optical illusion" tiled floor; and the lino-printed paper dolls in this view.

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