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Today was all about installing some of my prints. This is the work I've been calling Allies, though I'll need to decide tomorrow if that's the title that sticks. It consists of seven large soft-ground prints, each made on the plate from a fist gesture by one of my fellow students and me. I want the seven prints to read as one work. I'm looking at a fairly conventional hang, but I do want a bit of movement and I have chosen the side wall of one of our studios which also serves as a passageway. In my mind it is a hybrid between a gallery wall and a more public walkway.

The first step is always to clean, patch and re-paint the wall. This wall is quite roughly textured and no amount of superficial work will make it pristine, but I did manage to clean it up considerably.

Next I tested out an idea for a hanging method using a couple of layers of adhesive foam board cut into small squares and paper hinge tape. I don't know if it's the best system, but it covers a couple of the bases that I'm interested in.

  • The foam board holds the print 1 cm or so away from the wall, which gives the hang just a bit more liveliness than if it were flat to the wall.

  • I'm hoping for a bit of movement as people pass to animate the prints which are in the form of protest banners.

  • The paper hinge tape is more secure than the double sided tape that I've used previously, it's archival and it doesn't have the shine that acetate or polycopy has--that shine always bothers me.

While my second coat of paint was drying and my rice paper prints were relaxing in their damp bundle, I spent some time arranging the prints to form the work. It took a series of mixes and matches and I haven't photographed each stage. My concern was to balance the lighter and darker prints and to consider the rhythm of the work. I also wanted both my own handprint and the only print with a different dominant hand to be fairly central. I chose to bracket the work with darker rather than lighter prints.

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