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Layers of Meaning

I am fascinated by layered work. I love the effect of using transparent and translucent images and the ambiguity of partially concealed planes stacked one in front of the other.

The collage process is inherently layered, however in my analogue collages for this project I don’t have actual transparencies to work with. Instead, the layering will be achieved by using images of different sizes and working with cut-out sections or windows through which other images are revealed.

One of the key components for my collages is this etching of a young person I care for. The portrait works either as a positive or as a negative image or silhouette. Playing with the negative space layered over a photo from the RACV magazine gave me this image, which hints at the estrangement between them and their parents which is the reason they are in my care.

This trial collage contains three main elements: all three are portraits:

· My young person (the etched image)

· The face of their mother (from an old photo, scanned and enlarged)

· A linocut self-portrait I made inspired by a photo taken at their sister’s wedding.

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