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Lino proof

I went ahead and tried out a linocut.

This is a first proof.

Technically, I struggled with the waterbased ink I have available to use at home and the lack of a press. A wrist injury makes it difficult for me to apply a lot of pressure using a baren, but I think I can get a better print than this.

One of my fellow students mentioned the experimental animation Loving Vincent in response to my line work. This image certainly embraces that jagged line quality.

After planning the print, I decided to experiment with dark vs light background, so the transition from black shoulder to black background is poorly resolved here with a simple white line between the two. Having tested it, I proceeded to remove the black band from the background.

Given the complexity of the linework in the face, the obvious texture of cut lino in the background is distracting. Some details of the face also need to be cleaned up. One way I know to avoid background noise is by using a border. Masking the background is another option I'll also be interested to see how a border constrains the image--the concept of confinement is one of the issues I flagged in my proposal. A border can act as a visual contstraint.

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