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I've settled on a basic plan for the Collagraph project. I want to make a set of nesting miniature rooms--think doll's house meets babushka dolls. I'm loosely basing the model on one of my childhood bedrooms. My idea is to depict the realities and distortions of memories within memories. My personal childhood memories are fraught. When I try to recall them my mind often freezes or dissolves into flashbacks. I want to suggest childhood trauma without directly depicting it.

I looked at some of Tracy Emin's work while researching the monoprint project. It's relevant again here. In particular her quilts create a paradoxical juxtaposition of feminine softness and raw anger.

Tracey Emin, Hate and Power Can be a Terrible Thing (2004)

If I make a room to 1:6 scale, the proportions would be like this:

Memory Room proportions

This would allow me to create up to three nested rooms, the first approximately 50x50cm, the second 15x15cm and the smallest 5x5cm. I'm planning to use one of my monoprints to serve as the view through the window/s.

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