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While working on my linoprint for the group tutorial, I used some of the rolled out ink to make a couple of monoprints/body prints. I worked my hand into the thin layer of ink on the glass slab and imprinted that directly onto the paper.

  • Since I was just experimenting, I actually used the back of one of my lino proofs here. This resulted in some interesting discussion because the dark rectangle showed through on the other side of the paper.

  • The idea of framing my handprint within the image space is worth coming back to.

  • This is a stronger gesture, though the outstretched hand is enigmatic compared to the fist.

  • I was surprised (and pleased) at how clearly the skin folds and textures were reproduced.

  • Using the lithography ink that I had rolled out for my lino work was a spur of the moment decision. It was quite difficult (even painful) to scrub off my skin, so I would need to find an alternative medium to use if I want to go this route.

Overall the monoprints were more direct and effective than my linoprint. So much so that I was ready to abandon any method that doesn't involve a direct relationship between the hand and the image. That puts drawing and lino printing out of contention for now.

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