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More, more, more...

Up until now in my studies, the end of semester has been an end point to a studio project with the prospect of beginning something new after the mid-year break. This year is different as I'm working on a whole year project. So the end of semester is a checkpoint and time to reassess before moving on with Making, Breaking, Making.

Things on the agenda so far

  • I'm booking a week in the photo studio just before the semester starts to upgrade my skills and try to capture the movement of crockery falling and breaking

  • Exploring photoraphic etching with images of shards and/or captured movement

  • Try dropping crockery/shards onto hard and soft-ground plates to capture the marks of the impact--etching, openbite/foul bite as well as distinct scratches

  • collage and collograph--white on white/subtle monochrome using old books and journals--ephemera--probably with stitching--this can feed into my ideas for artist's books

  • Have another look at artist's book: thinking about both structure and content and considering Johanna Drucker's ideas about the private-public paradox in relation to trauma

  • forming dinnerware at the interface between making an breaking eg using broken greenware and torn paper clay in stoneware moulds. See my notes on Simon Cross' bowl below. I would be working with my white porcelain and possibly still moulding off the same basic shapes I have been using so far.

  • I need to reconsider whether the forms of the 70s stoneware are adding to my concept or whether I can loosen that tie and move to a more flexible interpretation of the dinnerware ideas. I also have some technical problem solving to do for my "transformational repair" bowls as the flexible putty joins have been failing me.

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