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On the floor

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

"Walking on eggshells" is a phrase often used to describe the experience of living in a dysfunctional family. This is particularly the case when the family is apparently "normal", but descends into chaos or parental rage at apparently random intervals. You never know what innocuous trigger will set off an out of control situation. The idea of walking on eggshells easily bridges in my mind, to walking on shards. Particularly when I consider my "origin story" of a stack of dishes slammed to the floor in violent frustration. The tacks I'm using for my shard boards have grown on me as I have been handling them. They embody significant aspects of the trauma I was subjected to: piercing, jagged. I started to scale them up in my mind to consider how big they would need to be to hold large broken pieces of porcelain on the floor, rather than small pieces on a board.

Thankfully an internet search led me to these: 7cm long, blued cut nails with a 4-facet rose head. They are designed for rustic carpentry. And yes, they do remind me of crucifixion nails, but I think I can live with that analogy. I think it will be less obvious when they are glued to porcelain fragments rather than resting in my hand.

Thinking of floors, I wrote away to a flooring company for samples. Whatever I make will need to be modular, so the snap-lock system of engineered floors could be a way to go. Another alternative would be to cover a portion of the gallery floor with thin MDF painted to match the colour of the rest of the space but that would be more difficult to install and de-install. And I have to think about storage. Meanwhile I'm growing a little kit to fuel my thinking. I'll try a grip-lock primer on one of these boards followed by RMIT regulation grey floor paint to see how that fares on the laminated surface.

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