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Paper & ink

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I choose this 30 gsm Awagami Shunsetsu paper for it's mimicry of tissue paper used for sewing and embroidery patterns, However, it is a handmade fine art paper and this print is the most traditional of the three I have made for this project. It contrasts with the two screen prints and speaks of my reflection as an artist considering issues and events, rather than merely making a quick comment.

The paper patterns I have in mind have warm beige tones. Black ink in this setting appears cold and harsh. I'm happier with the raw umber. Charbonelle ink is soft and subtle, but tends to give more plate tone than some other brands. I experiment with different wiping techniques and different amounts of plate tone until I am happy with the result. It takes a bit more experimenting to feel confident that I can reproduce the result consistently. Along the way, I learn the dangers of using whiting to wipe the surface of a plate with fine lines--some of the troubles I had getting the plate to print evenly were because I managed to get bits of whiting in the lines.

I settle on a pattern of

  • tarlatan: inky to press the ink into the lines, then clean to start wiping the plate

  • tissue wipe

  • hand wipe on the borders and wider background areas including the corners

  • retroussage to refresh the ink in the fine lines

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