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Peer review

Our Work Integrated Learning tutorials offer an opportunity to receive feedback from peers and teaching staff and to reflect on work in progress. I prepared this mock-up for my tutorial.

This is a mock-up in that the work does not exist physically in this form. Alternatively it is a digital image, however my intention is to translate the concepts used to a physical work which would be a digital-analogue hybrid.

The background consists of scanned gelli-plate marks: textures and edges, which I have arranged and tinted digitally. The foreground figure is my self-portrait in black and white with the biro marks I made on it while exploring tone as line. That image has been scanned and superimposed on the background.

If I could be satisfied with a digital image as a final work, then this would be less of a work in progress. As it is I am trying to figure out ways to achieve three related layers. Two analogue and the digital photograph between the two. Those are some of the practical challenges.

Conceptually I am left with these themes to consider:

- The tension between randomness/abstraction and tracing/realism

- The influence of the background on the atmosphere/affective impact of the image

- How time is depicted/implied by layering/tracing process

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