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Photography 101 Scrapbook

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I need a home for my Scrapbooking/Development work for my Photography subject. Since this blog already exists and ties to my work as an artist, it makes sense to try keeping it here. I can add a page to my website to hold ideas and visual prompts as they emerge.

The starting prompts for the Scrapbook process are:

What kind of photos are you drawn to?

  • Portraits

  • Textures

  • Tonal contrast

  • Abstraction

That's a lot of different, ideas to start with.

I have a Pinterest board where I have been collecting ideas about self-portrait

Some of the ideas on my Collage board are also relevant to my interest in portraiture.

What things "fire you up"?

  • Social justice

  • personal stories

  • individual needs

What visuals pop up in your head when you think of that theme or topic?

  • faces

  • hands

  • natural/candid rather than posed/formal

  • organic/textured images--is there a way I can combine these with my interest in portraiture?

  • mixed media/collage/stitching into images --can I make photos, alter them and then re-photograph? or work with editing/blending in photoshop?

What feelings/information would you like to convey?

  • layered ideas/nuanced

  • individual rather than generic

  • fragility and strength as complements rather than opposites

  • grief

Theses self-portraits by year five students combine photographic and hand drawn elements.

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