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By the luck of the draw--or more specifically the decision to arrange our tutorials in reverse alphabetical order this time--I'm first cab off the rank for Group Critique this term. Generally Group Critique is something I value highly. It's a rare opportunity for peers and experienced teaching staff to give structured feedback about my work. I consider each comment and reference offered as a generous gift. On the other hand, I've just completed a major (supposedly minor) project and I'm booked to be away from both my home and the University studio over the mid-term break. My new project represents a change of direction from what I have done previously, so the pressure is on to produce something worthy of the opportunity in a short period of time.

At this stage I know that my project utilises the motif of the hand to speak to personal and political responses to trauma. Investigating how different ways of rendering the hand elicit different affective responses is a focus of my task. I've used photography a lot in the past and I have a couple of initial photos that could open up the conversation.

They are both just from my phone camera and neither is a great shot, but they start me thinking about hands--my own and those of the friends who know and understand my trauma.

Taking some more photographs over the break is an option, but I'll be in a strange house in the company of a Kelpie puppy and my own exuberant dog, so setting up tripods and remote shooting methods doesn't sound like a great proposition.

I have never felt very confident with my drawing skills, though the idea of contour drawings of my hands in the spirit of Drawing on the right side of the Brain (here) interests me.

I decide to take the Easter break as a break and work on my project after I've had a few days to clear my mind.

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