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Portrait of a Print

The second part of this semester’s Print (re)Generations class focusses on creating a reduction lino print based on one of our collages. My first task is to choose which image to work on. Since I’ll be working with it for six weeks, it had better be something that really appeals to me. My collages are all rather dark in mood, so that’s a challenge. Another consideration is how the image lends itself to the linocut medium. We need to do four or five layers, so the number of colours involved is limited, though some additional colours could be introduced via ink transparency or the use of blended rolls. And every mark needs to be carved into the print matrix, leaving the area to be printed above the cut surface of the block. I have incorporated photographic elements and etchings in my collages, so I need to think about how those images would translate into a relief print.

This is the collage I’ve chosen to use as my working drawing. I think it incorporates enough challenges to keep the task interesting. It is dark in tone, but as an image of my foster child, it also fills me with affection—enough to keep me focussed on the job should it become difficult.

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