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Print Exchange Ideas

Our first task for Semester 2 is to make a Print Exchange Folio. This is a print studio exercise which will see us take home a print from each of our fellow students and some of the staff. It's also an opportunity to practise editioning a print--we need to make an edition of 30 which is quite a challenge. Conceptually it's a chance to start to explore ideas for our final body of work in a small format. The print is to be 20 x 20 cm. Unlike prints that are designed to hang on the wall, a print exchange folio is designed to be handled as the viewer works their way through the bundle of prints. So we have been encouraged to consider the reverse of the page as well as the interleaves as possibilities for images.

My initial ideas

  • I would like to follow-up ideas from my work Unbelievable which is a white-work banner bearing the feminist slogan "I can't believe I still need to protest this fucking shit".

  • I could use the a different feminist slogan

  • I would like to use a stitch component

  • I want the work to be multi-part or interactive in some way.

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