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Print (re)Generations Begins

A new subject, new techniques and a new project--always a thrill! This workshop is centred around the concept of images which are worked and reworked through different media and approaches. It seems to be as much a way of working as a set of techniques. That appeals to me. I’ve enjoyed working with collage over the years. I’ve also used my photography to inform my printmaking processes, so I feel as though I have a starting point. In terms of collage we will be using a chine collé process for at least one of our images. We can also use digital techniques. We will later select one of our collages to serve as the working drawing for a reduction linocut.

Many of my collages to date have taken the form of tessellations—inspired by traditions of quilt making. In this project I will be looking at the layered effects which can be produced through collage techniques. My quilt making background also links me to traditions of make-do and mend. This approach to making work lends itself to using discarded or not-quite-right materials. The idea of utilising historical images and mixing old and new printmaking techniques is at once familiar and unfamiliar in this context.

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