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Updated: Jun 20, 2018

The walls of the middle sized room are not only built, they're printed:

The brown ink is a blend of sepia, black and red etching ink. It's been worked into the grain of the wood with a brush--more about the brush later. I've then rolled a layer of red relief ink over the plates as well. I've made a simple block for the floor out of crumpled wrapping paper--with only the relief ink roll up on that one. Here I've printed all three walls and floor at the same time. I'll cut tabs for each side wall, fold and glue it up to make a three-sided room with a floor. The open top and front will allow for lighting and viewing.

The engineering for the larger room is similar, but a bit more complex. The scale of the design means I can't print it on a single sheet of paper. And the extra size means the paper will behave differently too. I've made a couple of full-size mock ups to see how it might go. It's 300gsm, which is reasonably heavy, but the panels are 50cm wide, so there's a bit of flex. However that's a challenge for another day.

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