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Printed Binder

After sampling several different options for making pockets out of a single piece of paper, I decide on a simple "barn door" type fold. You could also think of it as a window shutter. Either way it has domestic connotations. The decorative elements are enticing and give no hint of the more complex message within. One of the approaches described in Lehrer, Milton and Patterson, Curating difficult knowledge: Violent pasts in public places is to take an indirect route to the traumatic truth rather than presenting a disturbing reality blatantly.

I draft up a modified version of the flower pattern I have used on my fabric, but decide that a direct echo is best. My stitch diagrams will fit on the back of the binder and I can print these with the front panels in one piece before folding it. The inside flaps are a good place for me to edition and sign the work and the central inner section will be covered by the other components.

Since the fabric component I have printed has a soft drape and I'm thinking of using a lightweight paper for the pattern component of my ensemble, I decide on a 300 gsm Somerset Satin paper for my binder.

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