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Reference Artists and ideas

The group tutorial suggests a plethora of relevant artists and ideas. Some I am already aware of. Others are new to me.

Artists that were recommended:

· Silvia Griffin

· Racquel Ormella

· Louise Anne Zahra-King

· Miriam Schapiro

· Tracey Emin

· Kate Just

· Sheila Hicks

Exhibitions and/or texts that were suggested:

· Feminism (in general…)

· Family systems theory

· Carl Jung

· Wai Kin Sin, “What she couldn’t face”

· Bessel van der Kolk, “The Body Keeps the Score”

· Craftivism

· Valentina de Saint-Point

Artists and ideas continue to arise as I continue my research.

Yhonnie Scarce's 2011 mixed media work, Florey and Fanny has been on my radar for a while.

It is a powerful example of work that embodies the experience of trauma. The power of monochromatic work that relies of contrast and shadows is also relevant.

Janelle Low's screenprinted Dead Parents Poster is relevant in different ways.

It speaks of the power of family and the conscious and unconscious constraints on speaking out. As far as I know Low is not a victim of family violence. For me the power of the ethnic identity and the place of parents in the immigrant community is added to the power of my traumatic experience.

These two works coincidentally also contrast the textile/mixed media object in comparison to the print which is part of the dilemma I am grappling with in this project.

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