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Reflection and Repetition

My lecturer pointed out that the stencilled nature of the lettering lends itself to repetition.

My first response was to recoil from the hours of stitching involved in such an enterprise. I had also moved on in my thinking to a major project which focusses more on my hands and those of political allies, but time for reflection is a wonderful thing.

The textile base for this work is unique and I doubt I could find identical or equivalent pieces to work on. I do however have multiple cotton tablecloths embellished with whitework which could be stitched into banners. I'm wondering about the possibility of screen printing the letters which would simplify the process of multiplying the slogan. I could then concentrate on stitching the components of the banner and outlining the screen printed words.

There is a possibility of incorporating photographs of my hands at work into the project I have planned to feature hands and their emotive potential. This would tie in my minor project with my proposed work and carry through the theme of women's work and domesticity into the follow on project.

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