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Jazmina Cininas is well known for her intricate reduction linoprints. While our usual lecturer is on Conference leave, she will be teaching us—just as we start in on this process. It feels like a happy coincidence! Jazmina provided us with this guide to registration for our printing process.

We have the option of gluing down strips of lino to form the two registration edges, or carving the opening out of the same block of lino from which we will carve the actual block. The former method is quicker, but runs the risk of the registration edge coming loose during the printing process. The problem can be circumvented somewhat by incising a line along the strips of lino with a sharp blade to provide a clear indication of their position. The latter method involves an extra step of carving, but is more robust. I’ve decided to go with the more secure method. If there’s one thing I understand about multi-block printing from my limited experience so far, it is the importance of careful registration. I’m willing to do a bit of extra carving to eliminate one potential source of error.

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