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Reinventing freedom: Exploring the inescapable

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Chiara_Zeta_studio-Proposal 27 August 20
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This project begins with a Studio Proposal--a way of setting out intentions and context both for the sake of the formal study unit I am engaged in and, more importantly perhaps, for the sake of guiding my work. The work is focused on the impact of trauma in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It probes the visual relationship between repeated images and implied timelines as it explores complex interactions between traumatic memory, autobiography and present experience. The full proposal is available above for download.

The tension between revealing and concealing aspects of personal identity and experience and the implications of self-portraiture are ongoing themes in my work. My emphasis in this project is on affective rather than narrative concerns.

This is the first time since beginning my degree that my practical work has been centred in, and largely limited to my home studio. Exploring media and methods available to me in this context and embracing these limitations became a major emphasis of my process.

In reviewing my proposal early in the term, I picked out some verbs to guide my work

- mirror

- reframe

- repeat

- imply

- reveal

- conceal

More important words

- layering

- erasure

- transparency

- spontaneity

- repetition

- found elements

In addition to intentions and processes, there is a place for randomness. I somehow snapped this image on my phone while preparing a photo for a friend's zine. The blurring and disorientation captures some important aspects of my experience during this project. In my previous work, I focused on ways in which photographic self-portraiture gives the subject control of the image as the one who ‘chooses the moment to activate the camera’s shutter’ (Loewenberg, 1999, p. 399). I was interested in the self as both artist and subject, with power over every aspect of the image. During this project, however, I found myself letting go of some of those aspects of choice and control in my art-making.

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