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Relief Printing

There's one more technique to round off this semester's work: relief printing. We need to integrate a linocut element with one of our other projects. The basis of relief printing is that parts of the plate are cut away, leaving the desired image on a raised surface. That surface is inked up with a roller and the ink is transferred onto paper to make a print. It's the same principle as the humble potato print. The results can be bold and graphic or quite subtle.

After some unsuccessful attempts at making a collagraph plate of the figures for my Memory Room, I've decided to use linocut for those elements.

I'm keeping the design fairly simple, with some interesting patterning in the hair to add interest. Once all the carving is done, I can cut away the lino around the figure to help me get a clean print. There will almost certainly be some lines visible in the areas where I have cut away the lino. I try to make the direction of my cuts sympathetic with the overall image, rather than going for a perfectly clean white area. Once these figures are printed it will be time to assemble all the components to finish off the project.

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