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Scale and Proportion

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

There's another aspect of scale I want to explore in this project. It adds another layer of meaning to the Memory Rooms I've been building. Here is a classic chart of female body proportions by age:

Female Proportions by Age, from Peck's "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist"

It demonstrates clearly how different parts of the body grow at different rates, so that a young child is not a "miniature adult". The plan is to make printing plates for an adult woman and two toddlers. One toddler will be the same size as the adult, but with her body proportions correct for age. The other toddler will be proportionately smaller than the adult. My aim is to comment on the sexualisation of young children by contrasting the proportions of the toddler and the adult woman. At the same time these figures will populate my Memory Rooms, so I'll make them at the same 1:6 scale as the largest of the three rooms.

This sculpture in Tartu, Estonia, is pertinent to my concept. I find it interesting that because of their relative proportions, the toddler appears bigger even than the adult of similar height.

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