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Screenprinting the fabric

I choose a 43 Tx screen to print my fabric. I want quite a heavy line of ink to simulate a solid portion of embroidery. I have to decide between a half-tone, dithered or plain image. I want it to look organic, so half-tone is soon eliminated as an option. Because the image is quite simple and the thread-count of the screen is low, the dithered dots at the recommended ratios look clunky and unconvincing. I don't really need a dithered pattern in any case, because it's a simple line-drawing in monotone with no colour-mixing, so I go for a plain image.

While I've got everything set up, I take the opportunity to test the print on several types of tissue and rice paper. I'm not a fan of the results. The moisture wrinkles the tissue as I thought it might. A finer screen might help, but I would be using the tissue as a substitute for fabric, and I have fabric, so it's an easy choice.

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