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The whitework track of my project continues to be uncomfortable. The potential of the triplets of words I tried out in my first group tutorial is on hold. I feel a pressure to come up with a slogan to repeat the success of my Unbelievable banner. But I want to explore the impact of trauma rather than speak of feminism in general.

I spend a day looking at feminist slogans. I go back to Sarah Goffman's work I am with you. Nothing seems to fit. I am frustrated and stuck for words. I try to find words for my frustration:

"I can't reduce my fucking trauma to a slogan"-- is that too much?

"I can't reduce my trauma to a fucking slogan"--is that better?

I phone a couple of women friends who know my trauma and run it past them. Next day at Uni I put the two phrases in front of a few of my fellow students who I know have lived experience of trauma of various kinds.

I think I've found what I want to say.

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