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So. Much. Whitework!

Meanwhile I'm collecting whitework. So. Much. Whitework! Discarded whitework...

At first I was surprised at how many of these textiles I found in the Op shops. Then I started asking for it on Hard Rubbish Rescue and Trash Nothing groups. I found a strange dichotomy of valuing and neglecting the work. The most poignant example was a woman who was clearing out the home of her recently-deceased mother. She had a garbage bag full and thanked me for taking it because she didn't want to throw it away. The mother had saved linens from her own mother and mother-in-law, but they had been stored badly in a cupboard with masonite shelves. When I got them home I found that several had been put away with food stains still on them. The woman I met was possibly a little older than I am, so two generations back would bring us close to the turn of the Twentieth Century...

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