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So what?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I am encouraged by Goffman's bold approach to her artistic practice. She doesn't seem to be afraid to take up space and speak loudly in her work.

Here are some more of my "take home points" to reflect on

  • Encouragement to say more about trauma/feminism—not necessarily detailed personal narrative

  • Appropriation as an artistic strategy

  • Collecting/Copying/Arranging—responding to the work/words of others—in particular slogans from the 2017 Women’s marches

  • Materiality—tactile nature of substrates/media—my background in textiles

  • Ecological concerns—re-using discarded materials

One of the things that attracted me to Goffman’s work is her use of unexpected substrates and the ways she revels in the materiality of her media. My background before I came to Fine Art was in textiles—all the way from spinning a fleece to weaving, knitting, crochet and quilting and embellishing by hand. However, I have rarely reflected this in my recent work. After studying online and ALL the lockdowns, I find myself hungry for the tactile nature of the things I work with. In recent weeks I have been scouring Op shops for discarded textiles. I am looking at integrating some of the slogans and symbols from the Women’s Marches and other protests into unexpected materials that reflect feminist concerns. With respect to Goffman’s ecological priorities, I have set myself the challenge to “buy nothing new” for this first assignment.

In retrospect, this work I made in 2020 incorporates aspects of appropriation, which is one of my learning points from Goffman's work. However, it is a digital image, and lacks any of the qualities of materials that I look forward to exploring.

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